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Our plant root starters and votive candle holders are also great gifts for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and housewarmings. All items come with a hanger, a glass bowl and a wire hook.


WIRE DESIGNS was started almost 40 years ago with a major anniversary just around the corner. Looking back at this time it sometimes looks like very little has changed, but then again so much has indeed changed.

The great thing about working with metal products like steel, cast iron, copper and brass is that the basics of the work really haven’t changed that much for centuries. Yes, there is modern welding equipment that makes things so much easier and more precise, but it is not like like mechanical and electronic engineering where processes from 10 years ago are now obsolete.



My Background
Back in the 70s I left high school and my initial plan was to follow my dad into the construction industry and my preferred route was through a union apprenticeship as a welder. I have spent decades studying metallurgy and in that regard I would call myself a bit of a nerd.

My biggest early career achievement was completing my welding certification at the top of my class and joining the welding local upon completion. I then spent 3 years working as a construction welder before I decided to follow my hobby and passion.


What I Offer

I design and create unique plant rooters and candle holders, hand crafted using various types of metals and glass. If you have specific requests for designs and materials I can accommodate those. In recent years I have seen increasing interest in large outdoor plant holders made from cast iron and steel. While these larger objects are more challenging my background as a trained welder has served me well.
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What Are Plant Rooters

Plant Rooters Can Help You to Grow Your Personal Kitchen Garden

Plants require just water, air and light to grow. This ability makes it possible to grow plants without the need for any soil. The main purpose of soil is to provide some base for the roots, and in some cases to act as nutrients for the plant. Plants can survive just as well on the nutrients that are available in water. Plant rooter containers can come in many different styles. Choose rooters that suit the decor of your home and soon the plants they contain can add to the ambiance of your home.

Any plant stems that you use for growing plants in rooters must be cut just below any leaf node, and any leaves below them must be removed. It is only the stem that needs to be in the water. Rooting of the cuttings must be done in good quality of water that contains enough minerals and nutrients to provide the required sustenance for a plant. It is best if this water has not gone through a filter that removes minerals.

Place the cutting with water in the plant rooter and place it in a position where it can have full access to air and sunlight. Avoiding direct sunlight for extended periods of time is necessary. Any such situation can also cause the plant and the water to dry up. Plant cuttings are very adaptable and will make the best of any conditions given to them. You can even grow flowers and herbs in plant rooters. It will enable to have your herb garden just outside your kitchen window. Just imagine the advantage of using herbs from your garden and not having to go out to snip herbs for the dinner you are cooking.

Plant rooters do not require any maintenance. When you use soil to grow plants, you have to watch constantly for creating aeration for the roots, by loosening the soil. Water in the rooters can be topped up once a month, and you can even let a whole year go by before you need to replace the water in the rooter. Plants, if healthy, will themselves keep the water clear. You may at times need to trim roots so that they do not choke the plant. Plants in your home can always lead to a better environment and purified air.

Plants that are growing in rooters rarely have to contend with bugs and pests, as they thrive in the soil around plants. You will also not have to mess around in the ground to tend to your garden. You can make use of decorative vases and other containers that can even add to the decor of a room. Copper vessels make for great plant rooters, as the metal itself will help in encouraging the growth of the plant roots.

Place you plant rooters in windows or on sills that are easy for you to access, hanging them up can keep them out of reach of children, whose curiosity can at times lead them to interfere with the growing of plants.