Wooden planter, metal, concrete or terracotta – Part 1

It is not easy to deal with the large amount of choices when shopping for planters for your garden. Gardening stores offer many very different planters in terms of materials, shapes and sizes. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages to consider before buying. My obvious preference is metal as it is what I work with.

A large wooden planter, several small terracotta pots, a metal planter low or high and rectangular concrete? These are just some of the many options to consider!

Wooden Planter, Metal Or Concre Which To Choose And Why?

And if asking questions about the right size and suitable material is not enough, there is also the price, style, durability and ecological aspects to be considered. In fact, the majority of these factors depend on the material from which the container is made. Therefore, in this article, we examine under the microscope the wooden planter, metal, concrete and other alternative materials to try to facilitate your choice.

The Decorative And Practical Benefits Of Wood Planter

In general, the wooden planter is the most preferred, as it is associated with high flexibility in terms of exterior design, since it easily lends itself to many interpretations shape, height, shade, size etc. To grow flowering plants, succulents or vegetables, it is there to serve and decorate the garden!

The planter comes in different shapes and sizes.

First, you can buy prefabricated containers, but you can also make your own wooden planter, which is not an option to consider with most other materials used as containers for plants.

Ideas for the DIY wooden planter

Aside from the unique design, the making of a wooden planter offers another distinct advantage. If you decide to go the DIY route, you can use several types of reclaimed wood and save money.

Vegetable Beds Made Of Reclaimed Wood

Wooden pallets, for example, are a good source of material for your wood homemade planter, but even boxes for wine and one for fruit and vegetables, made of wood, can serve you very well in DIY.

Wooden Planter, Containers Of Synthetic Resin And Metal Furniture

If, however, you do not have the skill, the necessary tools or time to make your own timber garden gear, rest assured, even as prefabricated trays are not expensive compared to other types of outdoor use containers.

Wooden Boxes For The Contemporary Kitchen Garden

Another major advantage of the wooden planter is its organic material provides good thermal insulation, which makes it well suited to outdoor use. Even the most delicate plants therefore thrive in a wooden tray.

Square Raised Vegetable Garden And Wooden Planter For Any Outdoor Area

Due to its versatility and relatively low cost, a wood planter is suitable for mini-gardens in the backyard, the rooftop terraces, large country kitchen gardens and even small balconies in urban areas. Any gardening project can benefit.

A Nice Rustic Touch To The Kitchen Garden

But aside from its many practical qualities, a wood planter has a lot of aesthetic benefits. With its nice and friendly appearance, it has the unique ability to add a rustic touch to any outdoor decor.

Ideas On The Round Wooden Barrel Planter

The addition of pots and planters made of old barrels, for example, is among the simplest and most original at a time to your most comfortable and welcoming terrace. In addition, the wooden planter is easily customizable by the simplistic way of a coat of paint or varnish.

Wood Containers Are Easy To Decorate With A Fresh Coat Of Paint

One can choose a wooden planter with assorted garden furniture to create a harmonious setting or opt for contrast and combine several materials or mismatched wood tones for a pretty touch of eclecticism wanted.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Wood Planter?

Fittingly, we must mention the disadvantages of wood planters and not only sing its praises. First, being an organic porous material, the timber is susceptible to damage of certain parasites.

Please Ensure Good Ventilation And Proper Drainage

For the same reasons, it should also be very careful with watering plants, because too much moisture can cause the wood to rot. It goes well to raise some soil bins to ensure proper ventilation and proper drainage.

Naturally Rot-Resistant Wood Planter? Look Redwood And Cedar!

Fortunately, there is varnish protection against both pests and rot. Some types of wood are even naturally rot resistant! Redwood and cedar, for example, aside from being very pretty, are very resistant to decay.

Bench With Outside Storage And Wood Planter 2 In 1!

Anyway, the majority of wooden containers must be sealed with a varnish for outdoor use to protect against the elements. Once painted, the wooden planter lasts long and does not easily lose its visual appeal.

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